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NOA BLDG. Building outline
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Azabudai in Tokyo is a neighborhood appealing in its existence in any era. The elliptical landmark tower at the Iikura intersection in the center of Azabudai is the NOA BLDG. The location, which faces Sakurada Street and Gaien-Higashi Street, has a superb environment with its convenience to Roppongi on the left and to Tokyo Tower on the right. 5 minutes walk from Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, offering excellent commuting and convenient travel without unwanted delays.
Building outline
Address 2-3-5 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Area Business district (frontage 30 m), fire zone, Type 6 bulk district
Site area 1,495.87 ㎡
Building area 1,259.44 ㎡
Total floor area 10,386.05 ㎡
Purpose of use Showrooms / offices
Structure Steel-frame reinforced concrete structure
Size Two floors under ground / fifteen floors above ground
Ceiling height 2,450 m
Floor loading capacity 300 kg/㎡
Designed and constructed by Takenaka Corporation
Architectural concept Seiichi Shirai (1905-1983), received awards from the Japan Art Academy
Date of completion September 1974
This building has been certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as of August 6, 2012, as complying with new earthquake standard requirements.
NOA BLDG Elevation view image
NOA BLDG Elevation view
Facility outline
Air conditioning Central and individual packaged combined system
Heat-source equipment Gas absorption cooler, heat storage layer
Smoke control system Natural draft venting and forced mechanical smoke control combined
Hot water supply Local hot water supply system
Fire control equipment Fire hydrants, carbon dioxide firefighting equipment, foam fire extinguishing system, internal sprinkler system
Emergency electric supply unit Battery system, power generator
Management system Emergency announcement broadcasting system, automatic fire alarm system, integrated management and monitoring system operated by the building safety control center
Low current electrical system Floor ducting for telephone lines
Elevator Three elevators for tenants
- 17 passengers: 150 m/min × 2
- 15 passengers: 90 m/min × 1
Floor covering Carpet tiles
Miscellaneous Cable TV & optical cable (KDDI) installed
Parking area 24 vehicles, including machine parking system for 18
  Vehicle length: within 5.30 m
Width: within 2.05 m
Height: within 1.50 m
Minimum ground clearance: more than 12 cm
Maximum weight: within 2,300 kg
standard floor image
Standard floor
standard floor image2
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