Nagao Real Estate Corporation founded
Founder Yoshitsuru Nagao had a detailed knowledge of architecture. He felt the same as architecture colossus Seiichi Shirai concerning architectural concepts. Shirai was introduced to Yoshitsuru Nagao by the owner of Takenaka Corporation. Yoshitsuru Nagao entrusted Shirai with total design of the NOA BLDG. Yoshitsuru Nagao has been praised for his foresight as an owner who fulfilled the dreams of designers at that time.
Completion of the NOA BLDG, built by Takenaka Corporation and designed by Seiichi Shirai
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In 1974, the NOA BLDG was completed at the Iikura intersection in the center of Azabudai, Tokyo.
Since its completion, the NOA BLDG has made a unique impact on the Tokyo landscape as an innovative landmark in Iikura, Tokyo.
The lower part is of red brick and the upper part is finished in copper sulfate shaped as an elliptical cylinder. Inside, the number of windows is reduced. The stone interior creates a tranquil ambience through its natural riches.
Architect Seiichi Shirai studied philosophy at Berlin University. After returning to Japan in 1935, he worked in architectural design, adopting the German tradition seen in German residential architecture. He received an award from the Japan Art Academy. He was appraised for his figurative philosophy in an architectural style embracing ancient and medieval times in the West and the Orient.
The Japan Sign Design Association presented the NOA BLDG with the 9th SDA award and the B3 gold prize in recognition of this achievement.

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Completion of the AKASAKA NOA BLDG, built by Kajima Corporation, designed by Kunihide Oshinomi
In 1985, when the Akasaka area was about to change to an office area, the AKASAKA NOA BLDG was constructed facing Sotobori Street close to Akasaka-Mitsuke Subway Station.
The AKASAKA NOA BLDG is like a fashion building standing on uneven ground in the city center. It features a flowing design of smooth surfaces that attracts the eye with its striking silhouette. A variety of facilities has been implemented to address the IT requirements required for the modern age.
The company name was changed to NOA BUILDING CORPORATION.
In line with the completion of the AKASAKA NOA BLDG, the company name was changed to NOA BUILDING CORPORATION.
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